Firewise Training and Consulting

Work With a Fire Safety Consultant in Toronto

Firewise Training and Consulting is available for a wide variety of emergency services, safety subjects, and situations. We cater to construction companies, small and large industrial companies, fire services, and municipalities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of On-Site Rescue Plans and Assessments (Legislated Under Provincial and National Fire Codes)

  • Industrial Equipment Needs

  • Industrial Safety Requirements

  • Training Programs

  • Code and Legislation Interpretation

  • Development of On-Site Rescue Plans and Procedures

  • Providing of Safety Professionals for Major and Minor Projects

Firewise Training and Consulting

Why Choose Us

Our team strives to implement various initiatives to achieve our goals. Whether you need to build fire safety plans for your department or safety training for your employees, you can trust us to do the job.

Firewise Training and Consulting
Firewise Delivers Training in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Firewise Training and Consulting
Fire Instructor NFPA 1041 Training February 2020 for Petronas in Malaysia

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